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The traditional multi layered oil lamp (Pillar of Lamp) is known as Deepasthambham or Thattu Vilakku in some parts of the country. The Malayalam word "Deepam" stands for light and "sthambabm" meaning "the Pillar" and hence Pillar of Lamp or Deepasthambam. These traditional lamps are used in all the temples of Kerala and they are lit up during the temple festival to create a divine atmosphere in the temple. 
Deepasthambham is usually made in Bell Metal (Bronze) and the layer of Lamps (thattu) will always be in odd numbers (5,7,9,11 etc) and each lights on each layer are also in odd numbers. On the very top of these lamps you may notice an idol related to the Deitie of the temple worshiped. There are special offerings in most of the Temples to light up these lamps on festival occassions. These lamps are seen in Guruvayoor Srikrishna Temple, Sabarimala Ayyappaswami Temple, Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple, Thrissur Paramekkavu Temple, Taliparamba Mahadeva Temple and Payyanur Subramanya swami Temple.

These lamps are difficult to make and are considered as wonders in ancient times. All the layers (thattu) of these lamps are dismantable and has an interlocking technique to assemble it in any place. The Deepasthambam lamp in the above picture is some what different from the regular lamp with no cups to hold a deepam. Instead with this lamp you may use as many deepam as you need with this shape. Our charges for an avarage 70Kg 7feet height deppasthambam lamp is Rs. 1,400 per Kgs including the metal cost of 750 per Kg. The price will go up if you want to order smaller version of this lamp and the price reduces if you need bigger version of these lamps. We can work out the costs if you order multiple lamps. Please check contact us page to get our contact information.

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