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Gods own sculptures from Gods own Country
We manufacture all types of Bell Metal crafts and our products are popular in South India and abroad. Our product variety range from Temple Idols to house hold items. Please use the submenus to check out our products in different categories. Here is a list of all Products that we make.
1. Panchaloha Idols (Panchaloha Vigraham).
Idols of deities for Temples are usually made in Panchaloha, silver and very rarely in gold. It takes 2-3 months on an average for making an idol of deity. Most frequently produced idols of deities are Vishnu idols, Krishna idols, Bhadrakali idols, Annapoorneshwari idols, Lakshmi idols, Mahakali idols, Nataraja idols, Muthappan and Thiruvappan idols.
2. Dasavatharam Lamp (Dashavatharam Vilakku).
The ten most famous incarnations of Vishnu are collectively known as the Dashavatara. These ten avatars are beautifully crafted on the arch of these Dasavathara Lamps and in the center of the lamp is god Vishu with wife Lakshmi and Bhumidevi. It is widely believed that Dashavatharam Vilakku bring prosperity and blessings from lord Mahavishnu.
3. Lakshmi Lamp (Lakshmi Vilakku).
Lakshmi Vilakku, also known as Gaja Lakshmi vilakku is popular all over Kerala. The goddess Mahalakshmi is portrayed as sitting on a full bloomed lotus with two tuskers (male elephant) on the sides is beautifully crafted on the center of Lakshmi Vilakku. It is widely believed that these lamps bring harmony and blessings to the people who lit them. This Vilakku is available in two models, 6Kg (Lakshmi with two hands) and 10Kg (Lakshmi with 4 hands+decorations). See our product detailed page for more info.

4. Deepasthambam (Multi-layered Lamp).
A traditional multi layered oil lamp (Pillar of Lamp) is known as Deepasthambam or Thattu Vilakku in some parts of the country. The Malayalam word "Deepam" stands for light and "sthambabm" meaning "the Pillar" and hence Pillar of Lamp or Deepasthambam. These traditional lamps are used in all the temples of Kerala and they are lit up during the temple festival and creates a divine atmosphere in the temple.
5. Vattalam or Vaarpu (Large Cooking Vessel).
Large and shallow cooking vessels are called Vattalam or Vaarpu. Vattalam is traditionally used to cook food in Temples and for marriage functions. Now a day’s Vattalams are also used in rich houses as a decorative item to keep flowers on water. Miniature vattalams as called Uruli.
6. Nilavilakku (Traditional oil Lamp).
Most widely used traditional lamp in Kerala is called Nila Vilakku. Nila meaning floor and Vilakku meaning lamp. These lamps are seen almost every Keralites homes and also in Temples. These are made of special copper mix called Pithala to get the shine it needs.

7. Manichithrathazhu (Traditional door Lock).
Traditional metal engraving design with a lock for the doors of keralite houses are called Manichithrathazhu. Most of the people in Kerala still follow the same tradition of keeping these locks for their new houses to get a magnificent look.

We manufacture all types of bell metal handcraft products and though we make them with certian height and weight, the final product may be off in weight (few grams/kilograms) depeneding on the product class.This is becasue we do not use any permanent moulds to get the exact weight you needed. But the height and width will be exact as per your needs.

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