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Lakshmi Vilakku
Lakshmi Vilakku, also known as Gajalakshmi Vilakku is a traditional oil lamp widely used in Kerala. Most of the households in Kerala light these lamps daily during sunrise and sunset and is considered as a sacred one. It is also believed that lighting of this lamp will bring radiance of love and wisdom, wealth, dispel darkness and ignorance of one’s life. Lakshmi Vilakku has a two parabolic arch with designs in the middle of the arch. Inside the arch the Goddess Mahalakshmi is portrayed as sitting on a full bloomed lotus with two bull elephants (tusker) on her side is beautifully crafted. There are various designs which can be crafted on the arch of these beautiful lamps but the common item is the Peacock symbols. This being a hanging lamp, it comes with 2-3 feet Bell Metal chain with an elephant head and trunk as a hook that can be hung from the pooja room roof hook.

These handcrafted Lamps are made in a special copper mix (Pithala) and takes one month to build one. We follow the same crafting techniques used to craft Idols of deities to crafts these lamps. There are two models of these lamps, 6 Kgs and 10Kgs. The difference is that in 6Kg Vilakku the Lakshmi will be in two hands and in 10Kg the Lakshmi will have four hands with differences in arch design and decorations. The 6Kg version usually cost INR 20,000 (USD$300) and the 10Kg one will cost about INR 30,000 (USD$450)

You might also see these types of lamps for sale in shops at Payyanur but most of those are made using permanent moulds and the Goddess Lakshmi will not look attractive and traditional. One main reason is, during permanent moulds making the curves and sharp edges of Lakshmi with decorations is not possible and also they use low quality metals to craft them (retailers). You will also notice that the lotus petals on the circular base of the lamps are missing since they can’t craft those using brass moulds. Next time when you buy please beware of these facts.

These lamps are also known as Kamakshi Vilakku in Tamil Nadu and are mostly sold during Karthigai Deepam festival season. Karthigai is celebrated during November-December of each year. There were also requirements to make similar kind of lamps for Christ believers and we make Jesus Christ statues instead of Lakshmi and make the customers happy. We are open to make any kind of these lamps with proper details and orders. Please contact us for further details.

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