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Vattalam and Uruli
Large, shallow cooking vessels are called Vattalam or Vaarpu. Vattalam is traditionally used to cook food in Temples and for marriage functions. Now a day’s Vattalams are also used in hotels reception and rich houses as a decorative item and they fill these with water to keep cut flowers. Miniature Vattalams are called Uruli in Kerala.

Vattalam can be crafted in a special metal mix called “Velldou” and also in Bell Metal. The Vellodu Vattalams are mostly used in Temples to cook offerings (Payasam) to deities (gods) and can be seen in almost all the temples in Kerala. Foods prepared in Vellodu Vattalam has a special taste of its own and they are expensive than Bell Metal made ones.

Price of the Vattalams are per Kilo Grams and for Bell Metal (Vellottu Vattalam) the charges are Rs.1200 (USD$20) Per Kilogram and for Bronze Vattalam it is Rs. 1000 (USD$16) Per Kg includes metal cost. Measurement of Vattalam is as per the inner diameter and for 40 Inches inner diameter, the Vattalam usually weigh 100 Kgs. To cook rice (Choru) for 400 People or to cook rice pudding (Payasam) for 1000 people 100 Kg Vattalams are considered to be large enough.

Apart from Vattalam we also make cooking vessels like "Kara" (Appa Kara) and Valuruli. During Vishu festival season in Kerala we make special Urilis called "Kani Uruli" and are avilable with us with out prior orders. Another traditional item we make rarely is Nirapara or Para. Please contact us for more details.

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