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What is Manichithrathazhu Locks?
Manichithrathazhu, the magnificent door lock is an old traditional metal engraving with a lock is widely used to adorn the front doors of big houses in Kerala. To follow the same traditions most of the keralites consider keeping the same old door lock design, the Manichitrathazhu, for their modern houses. Manichitrathazhu is well known for its metal engraving art work and not for the safety of its locking mechanism and most of the houses will have an additional modern lock on the front door lock to address the safety of the house.Though one can fit this lock for any kind of front doors it is preferred to have split doors (two sided) to get that old traditional look.

These Manichithrathazhu metal engraving is made of Copper mixture to keep it glowing throughout the year with regular cleaning. These locks usually weigh 2-3 Kgs and cost around INR 18,000 (USD$290). These are purely handmade metal locks and we can make it in any shape or size depending on the door designs. There are various types of Manichitrathazhu locks and for Temple door designs these are made somewhat differently. Here is a picture of Metal engraving design we did it for a famous temple in Payyanur.

Along with the Manichithrathazhu locks you may also need to have lotus flower headed thick screws for the wooden flower designs on the doors. Also for some houses there may also need to have metal designs for the roof edges and center. The "thazhika" as shown in the below picture is used for the top of the roof and the snakes are for the four courners of the roof.

Please contact us for more details and pricing.

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