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Nilavilakku is the most popular and widely used traditional bell metal lamp in Kerala. It is integral to all the rituals, ceremonies, traditions and part of a life style in Kerala. As dusk creeps in, young girls of Keralities family carry these lamps to Varandha from the Pooja room and enchant Vedas and Upanishads to purify minds of those living in the house. It is also believed that lighting of these lamps bring in much prosperity and harmony to everyone in the house. Nilavilakku is also used in Temples and is also most common during traditional wedding ceremonies.

Nilavilakku is made in bell metal and they generally last for centuries with occasional cleaning. It takes 3 weeks to make these lamps and each of them are hand crafted individually (akin to being born naturally). Traditionally made Nilavilakku with a height of 14 to 18 inches will weigh 1.5 to 2.5 Kgs and will cost 9,000 (USD$150) to 12,000 (USD$190) rupees. These lamps can be made in any measurements depending on your needs. Below photos illustrate how tall the Vilakku can be.

In north Kerala there is another type of Nilavilakku, known as Vadakkan Vilakku which is also popular every where. You can see Vadakkan vilakku in the top right picture. Please contact us for detailed pricing for your needs.

There are industry supplied Nilavilakkus available in most shops that are available at cheaper cost becasue they use one mold to make many. Since the items sold by us are handcrafted ones the cost is somewhat high. But the hand crafted ones will last for centuries and comes with disctinct curves and designs whcih cannot be seen on the industry supplied ones.

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