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Panchaloha Idols
What is Panchaloha Idol?
As the name indicates Panchaloha or Pancha Loha consists of five metals. Pancha means five and loha means metal and thus the name Panchaloha. Panchaloha idols are mostly found in Hindu temples in India. The five metals are Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Iron . The percentage of metals used is 1 portions of silver, 1 portion of gold, 5 portions of Copper, 2 portions of zinc and a 1 portion of Iron. This percentage is only to give a general idea and might vary from region to region. Craftsmen from Padoli always prefer customers to bring all the high cost metals like gold and silver when we melt Panchaloha to pour it in to the mould of god on an auspicious day. The dates for melting the Panchaloha will be informed in advance to the customer. 
Panchaloha Idols are worshipped for thousands of years in Hindu Temples in India. In some temples though they have main deities statues in hard rock called as Shila (Krishna Shila) they still use panchaloha Idols for the temple festivals and infact they are considered a must possessed item by any temples in India. During the festival season the god on the main Shila (statue) were transferred to Panchaloha Idol using a process called as "Avahana" and take the deities outside the temple or to other temples for all devotees to view. During ancient times, when the cast and creed of Indian culture played prominent role in the society this was the only time those who were in the lower ladder of the caste system could see their gods through their eyes because they did not have rights to enter the temple. Now in India the cast system is long gone and all Hindu devotees are allowed in any temple irrespective or their caste. So Panchaloha Idols play a major part in Indian culture and tradition.
How we make Panchaloha Idols ?

We use traditional crafting techniques developed by our ancistors to craft Panchaloha Idols. We also refer Vedas and Upanishads and use our artistic creativity while making handcrafted Idols. The creative ideas emerged in the minds of craftsmen are then depicted on wax using hands. Using natural tools we intricate details and designs of the final product on the wax.  
The wax model is then covered in four layers of clay and allowed to dry. This four layered mould is heated in a furnace to remove the wax, leaving cavity of the wax model. Melted Panchaloha metal is poured into the mould and it takes the shapes of the wax model. After cooling minimum of 6 hours, the outer mould is broken and then Panchaloha Idol is ready for final finishing work and polishing.

We use the same scale ratio used by the god Viswakarma (the creator of universe) for making Idols. It is called “Yeva” scale and our charges are based on Yeva. There are different Yeva scales suggested by Viswakarma for different deities. For example the Yeva scale suggested for Idol Ganpathi cannot be applied to Mahavishnu Idols.

Panchaloha Idol images. 

Goddess Durga and Mahakali are popular in India and these are the two Idols we have crafted for temples in Kerala and Karnataka. Durga idol was crafted in Silver and Mahakali idol was crafted in Panchaloha. It took 3 months of dedicated work for us to craft these idols

Hindu Gods Muthappan and Thiruvappan are commonly worshipped in North Malabar in Kerala and are considered to be a manifestation of Shiva and Vishu.  Here are the Idols of gods Muthappan and Thiruvappan we have crafted for a famous temple in north Kerala in Panchaloha Metal. It has taken 6 months of hardwork to make these Idols and the temple authorities appreciated our art work.

Lord Ganapathy and Subramnya are worshipped all over India and we craft these idols too. Lord Ganpathy idol crafted in Panchaloha and Lord Subramanya idol (wax model) are seen below.

Craft making profession is hereditary to us and we have been making Panchaloha Idols for Centuries. We manufacture all types of Panchaloha Idols of any diety of any shape and expressions. If you have any requirement of these idols for any temple, please contact us. We charge per Yeva (scale) and the price can be worked out. We do not use any permenant mould to craft these idols and each idol is unique since we handcraft them.

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