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Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram
Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram is a world famous ring used by millions of people in Kerala and abroad. What’s more striking about this ring is its intricate design which can only be made by a particular gold worker class community in north Kerala village in Payyanur. This uniquely crafted ring is very hard to build and it often takes weeks to make the delicate and peculiar design. Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram derives its names from a ring made of Durba grass which was used by Temple priests while performing offerings to Temple deities.

Long story short, when there was a shortage of rings made of Durba grass during the reconstruction days of Payyanur Subramanya Swami Temple, the chief priest (thanthri) of the temple approached the famous gold smith family in Payyanur to make similar type of ring in gold keeping and Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram took birth. The gold smith family of Payyanur, The Chovvatta Valappail family is still in the business of making this magnificent ring.

Since this ring is mostly used by temple priests while doing Poojas, it became very popular among people who visit Payyanur Subrahmanya Swami Temple. It is now widely considered a most sacred and most sought after ring by millions in Kerala and abroad. It is widely believed that by wearing a Pavithramothiram purifies a person’s mind and body and provides mental and spiritual happiness. Though some claim it also provides material wealth and prosperity in life. Mostly people wear this ring in ring finger of your right hand. In fact, word Pavithram means "pure" and thus, purity to the mind of people who wear this ring.

The ring is shaped like a knot and has three layers or curvy structural lines in the design and these lines represent three nerves on a human body namely Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. These three line on the center and edges of the ring converge at a certain point and forms a knot. These knotted design is called Pavithrakettu and the bumps of the knot represent the glands of human body. There is also lotus buds design though out the ring and other designs which represent the star of our galaxy, The Sun and other planets and a miniature representation of solar system. These rings are available in different dimensions and most popular ones are in 6gms and 8gms and the largest one up to 38.5gms.

These rings are available in almost all the Jeweler shops in Payyanur though the original Manufacturers ring (OEM) branded ones has a class of its own. Please make sure you buy it original manufacturer though it is available with all the jewelers. Payyanur Pavithra Mothiram or Payyanur Pavithram is another magnificent architectural design made by Viswakarma Community who also made World famous mirrors known as Aranmula kannadi.

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