Kerala Arts and Crafts

Kerala, the southern state of Indian Peninsula is popularly known as The God’s Own Country is a major tourist destination. It has a long coast lane in the west side and mountains in the east where 40+ rivers originate and flow towards the west and ends in Arabian Sea. It has beautiful valleys, backwaters and pristine beaches. Kerala has variety of art forms – Kalaripayattu, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam and the traditional medicine Ayurveda. Kerala was listed among ‘Ten Paradises of world’ by National Geographic Travel magazine.

When you visit Kerala you will also notice lot of Hindu Temples throughout the state. The Temples carries lot of traditions, culture and history among them. When you are on a visit to Temples what strikes you most is the elegancy of artistic design work of the Temple, the main temple deities, the beautifully crafted lamps, huge bells, multi storied lamps etc on the temple compound. We usually never get a chance to know who makes these magnificent metal crafts. Traditional handicraftsmen who are an integral part of Kerala culture makes those crafts. Especially craftsmen from Viswakarma community located in Payyanur, Angadipram, Irinjalakkuda, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram makes those beautiful metal crafts.

Payyanur is home to many craftsmen in Kerala and the idols made by these craftsmen are seen in many temples in south india. Traditional craftsmen from a small village in Padoli, Payyanur is well known for their artistic works and craft making skills. Some of their popular works are Dashavatharam vilakku, Ramayanam vilakku, Lakshmi vilakku, Saraswati vilakku, Krishna vilakku, Multi-layered Lamp (Deepasthampam), Hanging Lamp (Thookkuvelakku) and other decorative designs.

We welcome you to the world of Bell Metal crafting and introduce you to the finest craftsmen from north Kerala, especially the craftsmen from Padoli, Payyanur, Kannur (district), Kerala, India